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At Léo et Violette we design an average of 5 to 10 new shapes per year, sometimes retaining only one. When we introduce a new bag in our collection it is always a singular event.

The Gianni is no exception.

First of all, because it reinvents and replaces a best seller, Le Sienna. With its construction made of a central compartment and two gussets with straight edges, it takes up the emblematic design of the "box" bags.

Secondly, because it is adorned with a brand new clasp, designed and industrialized by hand with our production workshop in Naples.

Finally, because Le Gianni is the result of almost 10 years of experience. It's what you'd expect from a timeless model: allure, without being too dressy. A structured base, without being rigid. A practical size, without being bulky.

Mathilde, leather goods designer at Léo et Violette details the creative path that led to the launch of the Gianni bag:

"We were looking to design a bag with a long flap, which would have a large capacity, while remaining compact. The gibecière type quickly became an obvious choice because it is an iconic and very practical shape, which corresponds to the DNA of Léo et Violette.

For me, a successful bag must be pleasant, even interesting, to look at, while being adapted to the use that one plans to make of it. I have therefore searched long and hard for the best possible construction to combine elegance and functionality".

From design to
the realization.

For the first time, we are sharing with you all the drawings that allowed the creation of a new model. Structure, jewelry and custom clasp are all elements that have been carefully designed to allow our Italian workshop to shape the Gianni design.

"A design in leather goods has to be as accurate as possible. So I draw the bag from every angle, even the inside. We are closer to product design than to ready-to-wear."

A clasp
made to measure.

This clasp is inspired by the shape of a tuning fork, a sentimental object in the personal history of Léo et Violette. We designed and machined the mechanism in close collaboration with our Italian supplier. The result is a unique and easy to use brass clasp.

"This style of clasp with turnstile is typical of the 1960s. I reworked it with leather details and using the shape of a tuning fork."

The Gianni,
in numbers.

There are many numbers to illustrate the steps required to develop a new model like Le Gianni. From the number of prototypes made, to the number of clasp tests, to the amount of material needed for the tests in the different colors, not to mention the tests for the slice dyes specific to each color.
So many hours spent working and reworking in the hope of achieving the perfect result.

The Gianni is now ready and will soon be with you every day. The journey that led to its creation will then have found its full meaning.

  • 0.95

    The number of m2 of leather needed to make a Gianni bag.

  • 7

    The number of artisans involved in the making of one Gianni bag.

  • 235

    The number of days between the first design and the launch of the Gianni.

Made by hand in Italy.

For almost 10 years we have been working with our Italian workshop where we manufacture all our collections. The Gianni, in the purest tradition of craftsmanship, is also made in Naples, by hand, in top quality Italian calf leather.