Our History

Léo et Violette is us, Léo Dominguez and Violette Polchi, two young Parisian lovers who have been sharing our lives for almost 10 years. We created this brand together in 2013, building on the success of our first Kickstarter project. Our aim has always remained the same: to offer elegant, timeless and functional products. By deciding to cut out the middlemen, we wanted to create a 21st century brand: 100% transparent and in direct relationship with you, our customers. Welcome to us, welcome to Léo et Violette


All the products are designed in Paris, at the StudioLéo et Violette, with a permanent search for elegance and functionality. Violette takes care of the drawings and our workshops in Italy and Spain accompany us in the development of the collections.


The products are then manufactured in two expert workshops: one in Naples in Italy and the other in Ubrique in Spain. Whether in Italy or Spain, production is made at 100% on the spot. With a huge majority of the steps carried out by hand.


We are the only distributors of our products. We do not work with any resellers or intermediaries. That is why our products are offered at the fairest possible prices, all year round. We never make sales or private sales, guaranteeing you to always buy at the right price whatever the time of year.


Do you have any idea how much it costs to make a bag?
We'll show you what goes into the production process. Transparency is a fundamental value of our business and has been since we started on Kickstarter.

The workshop in Italy

We arrived at our first workshop in Naples in 2013, at 22 years old, with no experience. They welcomed and accompanied us with a lot of kindness and expertise. Today we are their biggest customer and it is a huge pride for them and for us.